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Improve Your Indoor Air Quality Today in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality Today

Are you tired of your air feeling stale and stagnant lately? Noticing that you’re coughing or sneezing more than usual? Or maybe your office needs a reliable way to curb mold and mildew growth?

The EPA has estimated that indoor air pollutants are now an even bigger threat than pollution outdoors. That’s why at R. Brooks Mechanical Inc., we offer air purification systems for your residential or commercial property. Improve your indoor air quality with one of our cutting-edge options, designed to help everyone in your home or business breathe easier and feel better. With 200+ years of combined knowledge, our comfort experts know how to find the perfect equipment for every space, all at an excellent price. We have a reputation in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware for going above and beyond to get the job done right, so you can rest assured that your new air purification system will meet your needs. We never tack on hidden fees or added surcharges at the last minute, and with straight forward flat rate pricing, it never hurts to call and learn more about how air purification technology can benefit you.

R. Brooks Mechanical is available by phone at (855) 912-6489. Call today to learn more about our air purification systems in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

We service all major brands of Air Conditioning, Heating, and Commercial Refrigeration Equipment


Serving Maryland, Delaware & Pennsylvania

Our industry-leading indoor air quality systems include:

  • Global Plasma Solutions: Global Plasma Solutions manufactures indoor air quality products that are auto-cleaning, needlepoint bipolar ionization systems. This type of equipment kills mold, bacteria, and viruses, in addition to helping control allergens, asthma, odors. GPS products require no major system modification when installed with your existing HVAC system, and can be used in everything from households to schools to offices to restaurants to manufacturing facilities.
  • Phenomenal Aire™: Phenomenal Aire™ Cold Plasma Generator technology has proven useful in killing harmful viruses, pathogens, and bacteria and reducing other pollutants that are asthma and allergy triggers. The ions produced by Phenomenal Aire™ will travel from your HVAC system into your larger residential or commercial space, where they will not only work to eliminate various contaminants in the air, but also reduce microorganisms and microbes that may be present on high-touch surfaces like countertops, tables, and doorknobs. With third-party testing laboratories concluding that virus kill rates for Phenomenal Aire™ technology can be as high as 99% within 30 minutes of operation, these systems are another great choice for your business.
  • UV Light Systems: Light in the UV-C wavelength has been long recognized as a staple in the air purification industry. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers has found that UV-C light kills 90% of all microorganisms living inside your air HVAC systems. These systems are tried and true in preventing disease transition.
  • Humidifiers: Winter months are well known for making us more susceptible to viral and bacterial infections. Proper relative humidity of your homes air not only reduces the symptoms of infections but can prevent them in the first place. Recommended relative humidity for your home is between 40-60%. At humidity levels below 23% studies have shown airborne pathogens retain 75% of their infectivity.
  • ERVs & HRVs: There is a very old saying in the medical field dilution is the key to reducing pollution. Bringing fresh air into, and exhausting stale air from your home can provide this dilution to keep your indoor pollution levels down. ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventilators) and HRVs (Heat recovery ventilators) provide this fresh air, without letting in the unwanted outdoor conditions, that can rob your system of its efficiency while it conditions your home.
  • Air Filtration: While all HVAC system come with and should be used with air filters, there are options on the market to improve your systems particulate filtration abilities. You can start with the quality of your in-system air filter, we recommend between a MERV 8 to MERV 14 air filter. Lesser filters will not stop small particulates, too thick of a filter can restrict airflow. HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filtration systems are highly effective and can be attached in tandem with your HVAC ductwork, eliminating any concerns of reduced airflow, and greatly reducing the air born particles your system is circulating.
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Why Hire Our Indoor Air Quality Experts?

At R. Brooks Mechanical, we are committed to ensuring everyone who hires us can afford reliable air purification systems throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. That’s why we offer various specials and financing options to suit any budget. Since 2001, we have been committed to improving the comfort needs of local homeowners and strengthening the business environments of commercial property owners. With 35 technicians on our team and 40 trucks at our disposal, we have the ability to respond to your exact service needs exactly when you need us—we’re even available 24/7 for emergencies!

Call today to find out why we have been trusted in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and beyond for over 20 years, and get ready to experience the comfort you deserve.

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