Phenomenal Aire 200+ Years of Combined Experience

Phenomenal Aire™ Technology

Cold Plasma Generation Technology Killing Viruses in the Air & on Hard Surfaces in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware

Has your home been extra stuffy or stale lately? Feel like everyone in your office is getting sick more than usual? Or maybe you just can’t get rid of the funky mold and mildew in your property’s bathrooms?

If any of this applies to you, call R. Brooks Mechanical Inc. today! We offer cutting-edge Phenomenal Aire™ technology to help everyone in your home or business breathe easier and feel better. Phenomenal Aire™ uses innovative cold plasma generator technology to kill everything from mold spores to viruses. These products are effective for a range of commercial and residential properties, and with our expert technicians, can be easily installed ASAP. And in addition to getting rid of biological contaminants in your air, Phenomenal Aire™ systems help eliminate contaminants that may be present on surfaces, too!

Call R. Brooks Mechanical to learn more about Phenomenal Aire™ at (855) 912-6489.

We Service All Major Brands of Air Conditioning, Heating & Commercial Refrigeration Equipment


What Viruses Does Phenomenal Aire™ Kill?

Phenomenal Aire™ CPG technology has been proven effective at killing harmful viruses and bacteria in commercial and residential properties alike. Third party testing laboratories like EMSL Analytical Inc. Labs (rated as an “Elite” laboratory by the Center for Disease Control) have validated kill rates as high as 99% within 30 minutes of operation. While SARS CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) is not yet available for testing and R. Brooks Mechanical cannot make any current claims related to their kill rate of the Novel Coronavirus, Phenomenal Aire™ products have been proven effective at reducing other serious airborne pathogens.

Phenomenal Aire™ CPG Technology has been tested to reduce:

  • Nora Virus (Reduced by 93.50%)
  • STAPH (Reduced by 96.24%)
  • E. Coli (Reduced by 99.68%)
  • TB (Reduced by 69.01%)
  • MRSA (Reduced by 96.24%)
  • C. diff (Reduced by 86.87%)
  • Legionella (Reduced by 99.71%)
  • Calicivirus (Reduced by 93.50%)

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