An AC condenser placed on a lawn next to a brick wall

The Best Spot for Your Outdoor AC Unit

Where to Put Your AC Unit

Does it matter where you put your AC? Since the air is pushed throughout your home, does the placement of the unit make a difference?

Well, you wouldn’t want it in the middle of your living room or right next to your bed, so it matters a bit! It’s actually quite important. Where you place your AC, specifically the outdoor unit can have effects on its performance, maintenance requirements, and longevity.

Here are some tips on finding the ideal spot for your AC unit.

AC Placement Tips

If you’ve moved into a home, you probably didn’t get to choose where the AC was installed. However, if you’d like to explore moving your system to improve efficiency or want to change the location when installing a new unit, there are certain conditions to consider.

Since your AC is transforming hot air to cool down your home, it can be forced to work harder when it’s extremely hot out. One solution for this problem is to place your AC in a generally shaded area. While it’s not wise to place the unit right under a small tree, overhanging tall trees can provide enough shade to alleviate some burden on your unit. Or if the sun moves around your home in a way that keeps one side cooler, that would be the ideal spot.

On that same note, try to keep your AC away from encroaching trees or shrubbery. The branches and leaves can fall and enter the unit, causing damage or reducing airflow. If there are already trees near the AC, try to cut them back to prevent falling foliage.

You should also try to place your AC close to your home, but away from any high-traffic areas. Don’t place it next to a pool, sprinkler, or hose.

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