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Managing Fall Temperatures Without Your HVAC

Managing Fall Temperatures Without Your HVAC

Fall is a fun season for many, especially in the Northeast. Though the weather is unpredictable, we love when the sun backs off its intense heat and the breeze keeps things cool.

Because of the weather change, fall is a great time to cut down on your HVAC use, save some money, and avoid wear and tear. Keep reading for some tips from our experts on staying comfortable without AC or heating.

Cutting Down on HVAC Use

Fall is a split season, where the first half you’ll still be getting residual heat from summer, and the second half is when the weather hits winter temperatures. So in the first half, you’ll want to try and cut down on AC use by opening windows and using fans when possible.

Set your thermostat to “off” or raise the temperature a few degrees to reduce energy consumption. Of course, there may be an outlying day where it’s really hot and you’ll need AC, so don’t shut down the system completely until you’re sure winter is here to stay.

How to Use Fans

Fans are a great tool for moving air. They don’t actually cool you off with cold air but create a sensation that helps you feel cooler. For ceiling fans, have the blades spinning counterclockwise to blow air toward you. In the winter, have the air blowing up to help move the air around your home.

You can also use standing fans near windows to help circulate air from outside.

Staying Cozy

As the weather cools down, try to resist the urge to crank the heat earlier than you need to. You can also shave a few degrees on your thermostat by dressing warm, using blankets, and whipping up some warm drinks.

Keeping You Comfortable All Year

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